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Troika Tech Services was founded in 2012 by Parvati Matkate, Godwin Pinto, and Mawin Pinto.

Initially, our company began as a Political Campaign Management company, aiming to revolutionize how election promotions were conducted in India. Over time, Troika Tech evolved to become a multifaceted digital marketing agency specializing in web design and development, significantly leveraging WordPress technology to empower businesses by giving them full control over their online platforms.

We are a well-established digital marketing agency that has carved a niche in providing tailored communication and marketing solutions having worked with some of the Top Brands, MNC’s, Startup’s, Gaming, Crypto Companies, Government Agencies, Media Houses, Politicians as well as in Entertainment Industry promoting some of the Top Movies & Web Series in recent years.

Since our inception in 2012, we Troika Tech Services have expanded our reach to over 47 cities across 7 countries, serving a diverse client base that includes more than 5000 clients in various sectors.

Some of the Companies owned, managed and operated by Founder’s of Troika Tech are:-

1.Troika Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
2.Troika Tech Services Pvt. Ltd.
3.Troika Plus Pvt. Ltd.
4.TTS Digital Pvt. Ltd.
5.Troika One Pvt. Ltd.

We, as an agency, specialize in a broad range of digital marketing services. One of our core strengths lies in mobile marketing, where we utilize technologies such as Bulk SMS, Google RCS (Rich Communication Services), and WhatsApp Business API to create interactive and targeted campaigns for clients.

These services are designed to enhance customer engagement and provide significant returns on investment through highly optimized messaging strategies.

In the realm of mobile marketing, Troika Tech Services emphasizes the importance of creating personalized customer experiences. We deploy strategies that attract customers and retain and engage them in a cycle that promotes continuous interaction and loyalty. This approach has proven effective in various sectors, including real estate, education, healthcare, and fintech, where tailored promotions and updates are critical.

Moreover, we have effectively integrated advanced digital strategies with traditional marketing channels to boost our client’s online visibility and conversion rates. The use of Google Maps marketing and SEO further exemplifies our innovative approach to capturing and sustaining consumer attention at a lower cost than conventional methods like Google AdWords.

The strategic use of advanced communication tools and technologies, such as the RCS messaging and WhatsApp API, underscores Troika Tech’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions to drive marketing success.

These tools enable us to deliver messages likely to be read and interacted with at rates significantly higher than traditional SMS or email marketing, providing a compelling value proposition for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing impact.

As founders, we focused on educating and equipping small and medium businesses to manage customers’ digital presence effectively, which was a relatively innovative approach at the time. This empowerment strategy, combined with cost-effective solutions, facilitated many early adopters of our services.

Troika Tech’s philosophy of simplicity in design and functionality, inspired by the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” (KISS) principle, has been a core element in our approach to digital solutions.

Under the leadership of our founders, Troika Tech Services has grown to have a presence in 47 cities across 9 countries, serving over 5,000 clients.

We have expanded our service offerings to include advanced digital marketing strategies, mobile marketing, and messaging services using platforms like WhatsApp and Google RCS, catering to various industries, including real estate, education, healthcare, and fintech.

This blend of visionary leadership and innovative digital strategies has positioned Troika Tech Services as a prominent digital marketing agency in Mumbai, committed to delivering results and enhancing customer engagement for businesses in the digital age.

In conclusion, we, Troika Tech Services, stand out as a digital marketing leader in Mumbai, offering comprehensive and specialized services that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Our success is built on a foundation of innovation, customer-centric marketing strategies, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in digital communications, making them a top choice for businesses seeking to improve their marketing effectiveness and customer engagement.

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