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SSL Certificate Details To Check Before Buying

If you do a simple search on any search engine for the term SSL certificate, you will get over 60,000,000 results. That is a lot of results to go through and no one is going to spend time looking at more than a few websites.

The reality is that most IT professionals or even people setting up a small online ecommerce site on their own only look at the Trust Providers that have name recognition. There are a few out there including GlobalSign, Verisign and of course, Comodo.

We are very proud to have just reached the milestone of being the largest Trust Provider in the world. This is not just important for our company. It is also critical for your business. Even if you have a small startup ecommerce site paying close attention to the security you provide for your customers will have an impact on future growth and repeat purchases.

When your customers come to your website, they look for more than the gold or green padlock or even the green address bar. Savvy online shoppers now look at the SSL certificate details, including the name of the Certificate Authority or CA. Comodo, with our easily identifiable name and our iconic TrustLogo symbol on your site, gives your customers the confidence and trust to proceed with their purchase. They are comfortable in giving credit and debit card information as well as personal information since they recognize our name as vouching for the encryption on your site.

If you are shopping around for a certificate of any type, here are a few SSL certificate details you should keep in mind when making a comparison. Knowing what to look for and the basics of what is SSL will help.

Recognition as a Trusted Source

The SSL certificates issued through Comodo have our backing, which means they are from a trusted source and therefore trusted. It is like a chain where each part of the chain vouches or verifies the security of the chain further down the length.

Our root CA is embedded in browsers and in devices as a trusted source. This means when you use our SSL certificates the browser recognizes the certificate and your customers never get that security warning message regardless of the browser or device they use. This is true for 99.9% of all devices and browsers, while other companies may only offer 99%.

One of the worst options to consider is a self-signed certificate. These produce the highest number of warning messages since they basically say that the company is saying it is what it says it is. Our verification or validation process is approved through WebTrust and sets out just how we verify information for each of the levels of certificates we offer.

Application Process and Paperwork

We think that when people need an SSL certificate, they want to have their install download in a just a few minutes and without the need to fax paperwork and wait for a couple of days for approval.

Through our online application system, we can provide you with the certificate you need in just minutes. To make it even easier, the information we need will be provided online, which means no faxing and all the hassle of organizing paperwork for most of our products.

As part of the SSL certificate details, you will need to generate a CSR or Certificate Signing Request through your server. Check our knowledgebase for complete details of this process; we offer instructions for servers by type to make it easy.

Once you have the CSR, which is a block of encrypted text, just cut and copy it into the box on our application page. Add the requesting information, make payment and submit. We will send you the download in just minutes.

Customer Service

While not really one of the SSL certificate details, the level of customer service you can expect from a Trust Provider really should be a central consideration. There are some companies that offer a lot of support during the sales period, but this drops off rapidly once you have made a purchase.

At Comodo, we see this completely differently. We spend just as much time and effort in customer service during the life cycle of the certificate as during sales. Our tech support staff is available by phone, email or live chat to help you with problems you may encounter when using our products.


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