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Have you ever wondered who’s behind those Excellent, Outstanding and impressive Political Strategies and Campaigns that end in sweeping WINS?

As a One of the Top Political Consulting Firms, Troika Tech puts a strong focus on providing innovative perspectives and engaging political campaign strategies.

We strongly believe in educating, empowering and equipping our Political Parties in India and Internationally whether it’s in India or Brazil or Malaysia or Kenya, Mobile to Mobile Marketing will make a huge difference to their Political Fortunes in return it has helped us as well. We have grown together.

How Politicians and Political Parties so effectively and effortlessly take care of crisis?

Troika Tech believes that engaging messages can be delivered just as effectively in person or by trusted messengers, helping clients support a large message with a small budget.


Election and Political Marketing Services we offerOne of the Top Political Marketing Companies in India.

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Rather than relying on the ineffective traditional campaign model like Banners and Pamphlets, Troika Tech’s team of experts look at campaign engagements with a modern outlook which is at-least 3 Times more effective than traditonal Door to Door Campaign. As such, campaigns are based on continual discussions with voters instead of outdated messaging tactics.These voter discussions are used as the primary methodology to introduce campaigns and candidates to voters and continue ongoing conversations that let them reinforce their message.

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Troika Tech embodies a sense of innovation and Forward-Thinking, including an understanding of the traditional elements of Political and Election Consulting.

Election and Political Experience

Political Campaign Management 100%
Political Consultant and Strategist 75%
Election Promotions and Marketing Agency 63%
Political PR Agency 50%

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