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As the internet and more importantly Google moves towards a more secure and privacy-respecting web with HTTPS a standard feature of all websites, it’s more important than ever that site admins get a hold of an SSL certificate from a registered certificate authority.

July 2018 is the Date when SSL Certificate will become mandatory for all websites.

What to Look Out for in a Certificate Authority?

When it comes to choosing a Certificate Authority (CA), it comes down to knowing what you need and which CA has it.


To help you decide, here are the main types of SSL certificates to choose from:

Domain Validation (DV) :

Certificates that are quick to be issued since only the domain is verified for legitimacy.
Wildcard – The root domain and its sub-domains can be included in a single certificate.

Extended Validation (EV) :

Distinguishable by the browser’s address bar being colored green as opposed to only the https text. Both the legal identity of the business or organization and domain needs to be verified for legitimacy.

Which Certificate Do I Need?

As a general rule of thumb, here are the types of sites that commonly need each kind of certificate mentioned above:

Domain Validation – Any WordPress site, any site that has a form or basic sites

Extended Validation – eCommerce, business or organization sites or any site that wants to present themselves as extremely trustworthy.

Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo is the largest CA in the world. With a wide array of product offerings, all with different validation levels, warranties and additional features — Comodo is sure to have the perfect security solution for any company or organization.

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