Election and Political Strategist

In 2012, Troika Tech Services was established by Parvati Matkate, Godwin Pinto and Mawin Pinto as a Political & Election Campaign Management Company in Mumbai India with a goal to change the way Election Promotions are done in India.

Back then and to some small extent even now, Clients are being sold a substandard Political Marketing Plans. When we came in our only Motto was “Why settle for Less, When you can get so much.”

We strongly believe in educating, empowering and equipping our Political Parties in India and Internationally whether it’s in Brazil or Malaysia, Marketing will make a huge difference to their Political Fortunes in return it has helped us as well. We have grown together.

Winning is Everything Philosophy!

We Pride ourself on having a firm understanding of where Politics and Policy making all unite, helping clients navigate a crisis, protect their brand, bring awareness or attention to an issue, and win an election at any level.


SOME OF THE BEST TROIKA TECH STRATEGIES ARE?One of the Top Election Strategist from India

3% Target Marketing
Strength Marketing
Weakness Marketing
Buzz Marketing
Why Us? Marketing
Where we are Marketing?


Troika Tech Services as a Consulting and Marketing Company has a remarkably strong track record of success with Political Campaign Strategies and Marketing for Local, State and National Levels.

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